Citibet Review- What Every Aspiring Bettor Should Know

Citibet Review- What Every Aspiring Bettor Should Know

Of the different segments available in casino gaming, sports betting is considered the largest. Based on recent statistics and trends, sports betting is considered larger (and sometimes) more profitable than other segments like casino games and bingo. Different players will have different reasons why they chose to play sports betting. But for many of these players, the challenge of following a sport, dissecting stats and predicting a winner is considered motivations why they chose to engage in sports betting.

Although sports betting is an exciting and challenging form of entertainment, it does not mean that anyone can just join and jump in. One should learn the basics of sports betting, and it is also best to work with a betting exchange that will facilitate betting-related transactions. Citibet is one example of a betting exchange, and provides support when it comes to horse and greyhound racing, according to a Citibet review.

What to Expect from Citibet?

As a betting exchange, Citibet can serve as a one-stop destination for all sports bettors who want to play greyhound racing and horse racing. Although a Citibet review indicates that the betting exchange is based in Asia, it actually covers different races from different parts of the world. This means that the sports betting enthusiasts can count on an exciting sports betting facility, with access to many competition and races. Through the help of the facility of Citibet, players and sports betting enthusiasts will get a chance to back in-race and pre-running, and they will also access the live streaming of all covered races. The great thing about live streaming is that you follow the races, as it happens.

Citibet also boasts huge liquidity, which means that players can freely and confidently place their bets. There is no need to worry about limits, so all types of players and sports bettors can count on the gaming environment provided by Citibet.

Starting an Account with Citibet Today

To start the betting experience, one has to create an account first. And in Citibet, account creation can be done through an agent. An agent can help new players accomplish the form, and they can be contacted through a published e-mail. Once an account has been created, then the new member can get access to a betting exchange that works like the popular Betfair, but with some marked differences. Instead of the odds that should be matched, players will post the rebates, and these are matched with ‘final dividend paid’. The number of rebates that will be paid vary, from 0 percent to 24 percent, and this will ultimately depend on the popularity of the race.

There are different kinds of betting markets available for members of Citibet. Based on the Citibet review, members of this betting platform can count on different kinds of racing in different parts of the world, including greyhound and horse racing in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. This information and all details about Citibet can be found on a Citibet review. If you want to test your skills and luck in sports betting, particularly with Citibet, it’s best to read first a Citibet review, today.