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How to play craps and win

In a casino, some of the loudest portions are near the craps table and anybody entering the casino will walk towards the craps table at least once to check what the howling and laughing are all about. People who do not have a clear idea about the game of Craps, might walk towards the hooting crowd but not understand any bit of what is going on. Craps is one of the most interesting games and although a lot of people find it complicated, once one masters the knowledge of the  game, they can earn pretty much the double of what they have spent on the game (At least on a lucky day).

This website is about how to play craps, the terminologies used in the game and a few of the numerous strategies to win some money from the house. The three most common kinds of bets are the pass line bet, come out bet and the field bet. Winning at craps using the pass line bet is described in the following points-

  • This is the most basic kind of bet and the minimum for most tables is five dollars. The objective is to put the money on the pass line and roll the dice so as to achieve the number that was established as a point, in order to get points.
  • Seven is usually a deadly word in a game of craps and is the number that one would definitely not want to get except for one scenario, i.e., when the puck is in the off position with the black side up. This is the only time one would want to see a seven because a seven with the puck off means earning double the money that was bet on the pass line. This also applies if the first roll gives an eleven.
  • In case the first chance gives a 2, 3 or 12, the person loses the money they have bet.
  • In case the first roll does not give a seven or eleven and gives a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, the puck is put on the top of the number with the white side up, i.e, the on position. For example, if a four is rolled, the established point is thus four and the person wins money if he/she rolls a four. The winning is usually the same as the amount that was bet.
  • In case, the shooter rolls a seven after the point being established, all the money goes to the house.
  • Fours and tens are the most common combinations to achieve. So these are pretty lucky points.
  • The next step after establishing a point that can help earn money is betting odds behind the pass line. For example, if an amount of 5 dollars is bet on the pass line, the odds can be 5 or ten. In case the person wins by rolling the number that has been set as the established point (four, in case of this example), he/she will win 5 dollars plus 6 dollars for each odd. Thus a total of 17 dollars can be won.


Hence if proper risks can be taken, the odds of earning a good sum from the house are highly feasible. The key is to know the rules for each bet with clarity.